Friday, December 18, 2009

Status Update

No, I'm not dead. Yes, I'm still here and doing well. I've got a cold now, but other than that, all's good. It's the Holidays, and of course, I'm busy as hell, so I don't have much time to update here!

But things keep on going real well for me. I'm still doing the big breakfast, medium lunch, small dinner thing, and it's working real well. I've slipped a few times and had snacks in the evening, but nothing too dramatic. I'm down to 125lbs - WOOHOO!!!! I've officially reached my goal! I'm so happy and proud.

Now I'd love to be able to exercise more. Doing exercise at home, even if at my own pace, gets really boring after a while. I'll look for some day classes I could take in the New Year. Yoga? Muai Thai Boxing? I'm already on the ice with the kids at least once a week, so that's not bad, but that's not enough. I'd love to be part of a hockey team again, but it doesn't seem to be in the cards for now. I'll keep looking tho.

Oh, another big thing - I've purchased my first size 6 pair of jeans this week. First pair of size 6 in over 10 years! So, so happy. :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekend report

Hey ya'll!

Things are going well for me. I'm managing my weight quite well, even going down a bit this week (got down to 126, woohoo!). Of course that got me a false sense of security, and I indulged this weekend. But it's ok. I'm back on track today, and will stay on track all week. As long as I indulge only once in a while, I think I'll be ok.

I've been very active, always moving, always going somewhere. I've been stressed a lot too this past week. And I've had my monthly womanly thing. FUN. So I apologize, but yes, I felt like indulging this weekend was well earned. So there. :)

Exercising continue to be the hardest thing to do. It's not like I sit on my ass all day watching soaps... I'm active. Yesterday, I worked outside for 3 hours, racking leaves, packing them in bags, putting away my patio furniture. So that's something! I am just real bad these days at doing any targeted exercise. I gotta get back on that. It made me feel so good! I should remember that feeling and start doing it again.

Good news is I'll be going on the ice at least once a week with my hockey team. I'm coaching a team again this year. I'm really looking forward to it.


Friday, November 27, 2009

10 "Unhealthy" Foods that are Actually Good for You
Written by: Sarah Haan, Registered Dietitian

Why is it that so many delicious and healthful foods have gotten such bad raps? We could blame the sensational headlines in the media or your Uncle Jack's lack of understanding about the latest scientific research study, but when it comes down to it, we've all heard some bad things about what has turned out to be some really great foods. These bad reps may be based on a one-sided story, old wives' tales or outdated research, yet many people who want to eat healthier are shying away from foods that are actually good for them! We recently told you about some "healthy" foods that are anything but, and now we're setting the record straight about some of the "unhealthy" foods that are actually good for you! How many are you avoiding?

1- Canned Vegetables
Canned veggies have earned an undeserved reputation. Yes, many types are high in sodium, but don't discount them completely. You can purchase low sodium varieties and/or rinse your canned veggies in a colander before your meal to remove much of the excess sodium. And most nutrition experts agree that the vitamin and mineral content of fresh, canned and even frozen veggies are all about the same--not less nutritious as once thought. Canned vegetables are inexpensive, easy, and a great fallback when you haven't been able to restock your kitchen with the fresh stuff.

2- Red Meat
Buy the right kind of red meat, and you're on your way to a meal packed with protein, iron, vitamin B-12, and zinc. Not all red meats make healthful choices (beef brisket, for example has 16 grams of fat per 3-ounce serving), but some varieties, like extra lean ground sirloin, which is 96% fat-free, contain just 4.5 grams of fat for a serving of the same size. Read food labels to ensure you choose lean cuts, such as eye of round (top round), top sirloin, bottom round, tenderloin and flank steak. Research has also shown that grass-fed beef is lower in saturated fat and higher in Omega-3's than traditional beef.

3- Potatoes
The low-carb fads of the late '90s still linger today, and many people still believe that white potatoes should be avoided at all costs. The potato can be a great source of carbohydrates and nutrients, including vitamins C, B-6, and folate and fiber (4 grams when you eat the skin). The key is to eat the right portion size and rethink your add-ons (and cooking method). Some large potatoes are almost the size of a football, so be sure to cut those in half or even thirds. To enjoy your potatoes in a healthy way, cut them into 1-inch thick slices, season with garlic, herbs and pepper and bake in the oven until soft and golden brown.

4- Avocados
Avocados have taken the brunt of the criticism for the fruit and veggie world. Perhaps you, too, have overheard folks saying that avocados are bad for you, when in fact, the opposite is true. They received their bad reputation due to their relatively high fat content, but the often-ignored fact is that these fruits are full of heart-healthy, monounsaturated fat. Two tablespoons of avocado has just 50 calories and 4.5 grams of fat, 4 grams of which are unsaturated. Comparing this to the 204 calories and 23 grams of fat in the same amount of salted butter puts it into perspective. Avocados also carry 20 different vitamins along with plenty of lutein for your healthy vision. So go ahead! Spread some on your sandwich, place some chunks on your grilled fish, or throw a couple slices onto a green salad.

5- Dried Fruit
Although some brands of dried fruit do come with gobs of added sugar or oil, that doesn't mean every dried fruit is a bad choice. Dried fruit (without added sugar) can be a great source of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Some criticize dried fruit because "the water is taken out and only the sugar is left." In reality, the sugar was there to begin with, and if you can munch on a handful of natural dried fruit and drink a glass of water, you're getting in one more fruit serving for the day! Try dried fruits like mango, apples, bananas, kiwi, peaches, pears and pineapple. Check the labels to ensure there is no added sugar, and if you have trouble finding a good brand you can make your own (and save money doing so) with a small food dehydrator. Great as a portable snack, a healthful solution to your sweet cravings, and thrown on cereal, salads and cooked meat, dried fruit has a place in any healthy diet.

6- Pizza
When done right, pizza can pack a load of nutrients—especially when you make it yourself in your own kitchen. To give pizza a makeover, use a whole-wheat crust; top your pizza with a bit of sauce, hummus or a drizzle of olive oil; then, load it up with sliced veggies like peppers, mushrooms, zucchini and broccoli, some shredded, low-fat mozzarella cheese and your favorite fresh or dried herbs. Talk about an efficient (and delicious) delivery system for whole grains, vegetables, and protein-rich dairy!

7- Bananas
One medium banana (approximately 7 inches long) provides 0 grams of fat, 3 grams of fiber, 105 calories, and 27 grams of carbs--that's cheaper and more nutritious than most 100-calorie snack packs. These specs mean that bananas make great snacks, even for people with diabetes who need to follow carbohydrate-controlled diets. Why are bananas being called "fattening" or high in sugar compared to other fruits is a mystery. They do have a few more grams of carbohydrate than apples and oranges, but that does not mean they should be off limits!

8- Eggs
Eggs, especially egg yolks, have been blamed for causing high cholesterol and heart disease. According to the Harvard University Gazette, researchers found that eating an egg a day did not raise cholesterol levels. So you can feel light-hearted (literally) when enjoying up to an egg yolk per day. When you do, you're getting protein, unsaturated fats, vitamin D and every other vitamin and mineral in the book (save vitamin C). What's bad about that?

9- Shrimp
Another healthy protein source is shrimp. With a reputation as a "high cholesterol" food that is deep-fried more often than not, it's easy to see why people want to avoid it. But eating foods high in cholesterol is just one of many factors that affect your cholesterol levels. Four ounces of shrimp has just 165 milligrams of cholesterol, but also packs 18 grams of protein and a single gram of fat. When you enjoy a high-fiber breakfast and a meatless lunch, you should be able to fit shrimp into your diet and still come under your daily limit of 300 milligrams of cholesterol per day. It's great in stir-fries, pasta and straight off the grill, but avoids deep-fried shrimp to keep this choice a healthful one.

10- Iceberg Lettuce
Iceberg lettuce may be light on the nutrient-side when comparing it to spinach or kale, but it is far from being a pointless or unhealthy food. "It's nothing but water," people say. Well, we all need more water, so what's wrong with that? In fact, eating water-rich foods can keep you feeling full longer. Iceberg is extremely low in calories, which means you can load up your salad with lean proteins like beans, seeds, fresh and dried fruits, and a nice, light dressing. Two cups of the crunchy stuff even gives you a tiny bit of folate and calcium to boot! Sounds healthy to us!

9 Foods You Think are Healthy but Aren't
Written by: Sarah Haan, Registered Dietitian

There are many foods in today’s supermarkets that aren’t as good for you as you might think. Before you bite, get the facts on some of these masters of disguise, but remember: All sorts of foods and drinks can fit into a healthy diet when you enjoy them responsibly and within moderation. Just make sure you're reading labels and not being tricked into thinking the foods you're eating are better for you than they really are.

1- Vitamin-Enriched Water
Vitamin-enriched waters put two good things together to make healthiest drink ever, right? Sounds good in theory, but vitamin waters contain far more than their name implies. Yes, they can give you your daily dose of nutrients, just like a multivitamin, but it comes with a side of sugar and calories you may not have known you ordered. A single bottle of vitamin-enriched water usually contains 2.5 servings or more when you read the nutrition label. That means you're consuming more than twice the calories and sugar listed on the label when you drink the whole thing. Water it down: Water should be your drink of choice. If you don't like the flavor of plain water, spruce it up without calories by adding lime, lemon or orange wedges to your glass. Save the vitamin and electrolyte-enhanced waters for long, intense workouts that last 90 minutes or more.

2- Granola
Granola can be deceiving. It appears to be filled with the whole-grain goodness of oats. What's so bad about that? It's what you don't see: all the added fat and sugar that turned those healthful oats into granola. This applies to granola bars, too. They may have a reputation as the optimal snack for healthy eaters, but many are made with added chocolate, sugars, and "chicory root extract," which is mostly inulin, a sugar made from plants that is also a source of soluable fiber. Inulin, which is largely undigestible, adds both sugar and supplemental fiber to make granola look healthier than it is. Get a grip on granola: Not all granolas deserve a bad rap. Read those labels (sugars should not be in the first two ingredients) or make your own so you know what you're eating.

3- Spinach Wraps & Pasta
Spinach wraps and pastas definitely add a decorative flair to your meal, but that's about it. The actual amount of spinach in these green tortillas and noodles is trivial compared with what you would get if you added your own spinach leaves to your wrap or pasta dish. This super green is added more for color than for nutrition, and most often, the flour used to make the pasta or wrap isn't whole grain, either. Spruce up your spinach: Add fresh spinach leaves to your pasta dish or wrap if you want to benefit from the B vitamins, fiber, iron and calcium found in spinach. Choose whole-grain (not spinach) pastas and wraps for your meals instead.

4- Broccoli & Cheddar Soup
It may boast the super food "broccoli" in its name, but this creamy concoction is usually less than soup-er for you. Besides a load of full-fat cheddar cheese, what you won't see is all the melted butter and cream this soup contains. All three of these ingredients are high in unhealthy saturated fats. And just because broccoli is in the name doesn't mean you're getting a serving of vegetables when you slurp down this soup. Slim down your soup: Order a cup instead of a bowl, or make it at home using healthier substitutions like evaporated skim milk and less cheese. Don't forget to add a real serving or two of vegetables to your meal; this soup alone won't help you meet your daily quota.

5- Veggie Chips
Veggie chips seem like they would be a much smarter choice than regular potato chips, but it turns out most brands are about equal in calories, fat and nutrients to regular old chips. Consumer Reports states that the main ingredient for almost all veggie chips are potatoes, merely supplemented with vegetable powder or puree. Veggie chips only contain about 10 fewer calories per serving than your average potato chips. Chuck the chips: Snack on fresh, crunchy veggies for fewer calories and more nutrients than veggie chips.

6- Muffins
Muffins may look like the perfect breakfast or snack, but in most cases, they're little more than a small cake (i.e. dessert). Not only do they resemble small planets in size, but they are also loaded with calories, unhealthy fats, refined flour and added sugars. Bran muffins can trick you into thinking they are healthful because the word "bran" is in the name, but these monsters can contain 500 calories or more and very little else in the way of nutrition! Blueberry muffins (or other fruity varieties) contain a fraction of a serving of real fruit. Muzzle the muffin top: Share these goodies with a friend and watch your portion sizes. If fruit is what you want, avoid it when it comes in muffin form. You can also make muffins at home and use healthier ingredients to make them more nutritious.

7- Pretzels
Pretzels, although a better choice than greasy potato chips, provide little more than calories. Yes, you can buy them fat free, but they're also free of any significant amount of vitamins, minerals, fiber or protein. Even pretzels labeled "honey wheat" struggle to pack 1 gram of fiber into 8 twists. If you're crunching on salted pretzels, you could be adding an extra 815 mg of sodium to your diet with each serving. Power up your pretzels: Choose whole-wheat pretzels for more fiber and filling power or pair your twists with some healthy protein (like cheese or peanut butter) to avoid spikes in blood sugar that could leave you feeling hungry and lethargic.

8- Yogurt-Covered Raisins
Wholesome yogurt + fruity raisins = yogurt-covered raisins. These must be healthy, right? Wrong. While both raisins and yogurt are nutritious foods, this packaged snack is anything but. The "yogurt" on the outside is far from the yogurt you know from the dairy aisle. Mostly sugar, oil and some dry milk and yogurt powder, that "yogurt" coating is often a source of hydrogenated oil (trans fats), which you'd never find in real yogurt. A single serving (1/4 cup) also contains about 130 calories. Skirt this yogurt: Get more nutrition for your calories by choosing real yogurt, with or without added fruit. You'll save fat and calories and avoid the sugar rush of this snack.

9- Diet Soda
Calorie-free isn't synonymous with healthy. When you'[re downing more than the recommended max of 16 oz of pop per day, you may be doing harm to your body and hurting your healthy lifestyle goals. The carbonated beverage could be displacing much-needed water, which is necessary for hydration, and calcium-rich milk, which provides essential vitamins and minerals. Some sodas could even put you at risk for bone loss. Some research shows that phosphoric acid, found in dark colas, may leach calcium from your bones, increasing your risk of osteoporosis. Ditch the diet: Choose more water, tea and reduced-fat milk, aiming for 64 oz of fluid per day.

Monday, November 23, 2009


I was away this weekend, yet again. Having boys heavily involved in hockey, our lives have been taken over by skates, hockey sticks and stinky equipment. We spend lots of time in arenas.. We have to leave early in the mornings, sometimes not returning home before mid afternoon. It gets tough at times to eat properly when on the run like that!

This weekend, we had a tournament, so it was more of the same... I think all considering, I did really well. I've been choosing the healthiest on the menu, the less caloric, the less fatty. And if I'm in a restaurant for lunch... I eat a big meal! And eat something real small for dinner. All in all, I think it's been good this weekend.

Now if I could only motivate myself to exercise more... I'm actually active, but it's been days since I've done some real targeted exercises. Time for Bootcamp again, me thinks.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Wow, it's been a while since I last updated.

I don't want to make excuses, but will say I was gone for almost 4 days this past weekend/week, so not only was it impossible for me to update, but it was also tough to keep up with this self imposed diet and exercise routine.

Food wise, I think I did really good, except for that one night where I had quite a few drinks. But I'm not worried. My weight is good, my energy level is good, and everyone needs a night of indulgence once in a while, no?

Exercise wise, well, that's another story. During those 4 day, I walked and danced and jumped around a lot. So I guess that counts for *something*. It was not, however, regiment exercises like I usually do.


Nonetheless, I think it's been a great 4 days, despite the irregularities.

I'm also considering switching my updates to once a week. I'm now down to 128lbs, and seem to stay there pretty consistently (I dipped into 127, went back to 129, stable at 128 most days lately). and I know at some point I'll have to eat a tad bit more. Honestly, I feel great where I'm at right now. 128 is good. I'd love to dip down to 125 again, perhaps even 120! I think I could very well do it, but I think it'd be hard to maintain. Perhaps I should do it in preparation for the Holidays, where I KNOW I'll be gaining weight. Temptations will be present at all times and every where around me.

I guess we'll see.

In the mean time... I can assure you, my one and a half readers, that I'm not abandoning ship. In fact, I'm proud of myself for what I have accomplished, and do not want to undo all this hard work I've done in the last 2 months.

“Where I am today, is where my mind put me, and where I’ll be tomorrow, is where my mind will put me.” -Billy Blanks

Saturday, November 7, 2009

From Oct 7th to Nov 7th

So. It's been a month. Well, 48 days, which is more than a month. But I've gone from Oct 7th to Nov 7th. So I think it's time for a little update.

Back when I started this back in shape stuff, here were the goals I set for myself:

1 - not snack at night anymore, unless it is a piece of fruit, a glass of milk, or a piece of veggie.

2 - eat proper balanced meals, with a range of 1200-1500 calories a day.

3 - exercise daily

4 - loose 10 pounds

5 - fit comfortably in my size 8 jeans, without the muffin top.

What did I accomplish in the last 48 days?

1 - I do not snack at night anymore. Not even on healthy stuff. I did slip a little here and there, aprticularly when we went out, or were on vacation. But other than that... No more night snacking. And frankly? I don't really miss it. YAY!

2 - Yes, I have been respecting the 1200-1500 calories a day target that I've set out for myself. There were a few days that I went over board (vacation, illness, etc), but again, all in all, I did it. I eat proteins at every meal. I eat a big breakfast, a medium size lunch, and a small dinner. I have given alcohol up, except for a few drinks here and there on special occasions. So YAY!

3 - I think I've reached that goal, too. Again, a few days where I slipped here and there (sickness, periods), but all in all, I do *something* every day. So YAY!!!!

4 - I did loose 10 pounds!!! I even went down to 127, although I think this might have been my scale who was out of whack. But I am currently at 129, so that is 11 pounds lost so far. YAY!!!

5 - I do not have a muffin top anymore! My jeans are too loose, actually. So YAY!!!!

Concretely, here's what's been going on:

Oct 7
Weight: 61kg (140lbs)
Waist circumference: 86 cm
BMI: 22.93

Nov 7
Weight: 58.64kg (129lbs)
Waist circumference: 82 cm
BMI: 22.05

I am very proud of myself. And I feel so much better than I did 48 days ago. This motivates me to keep going, to keep my under 130 weight, to keep eating healthy and not snack at night anymore.


“Where I am today, is where my mind put me, and where I’ll be tomorrow, is where my mind will put me.” -Billy Blanks

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back from vacation

Hey ya'll!

I have not updated this blog in a little over 5 days. I was away on vacation for a birthday weekend with my best friend! We had tons of fun.

I tried to exercise daily, and I think all in all, it could have been much worse. I did push ups everyday, did the plank at least once every day, and we walked tons. I also danced quite a bit. So on the exercise front, I think I did pretty good all considering.

On the food front tho....

Yeah, I pretty much blew it. The first two days were actually ok, and I think I ate relatively well and within my set calorie range. But then we went to a fair, and I HAD to try all that fried food... While I didn't eat lots, I still ate lots of fat and bad calories. I also had a drink (read four) for the first time in a month.

I weighed myself when I got back - 132lbs. I had expected to have put on at least 2-3 pounds, but seems like my body is still on my back in shape regiment. That made me happy. :)

I know when people are on diets, that it's important to indulge yourself once in a while, otherwise you are more likely to fell off the wagon and stuff your face, finishing the entire bag of cookies. So I guess for only 2 or 3 days, it was ok to indulge.

Now I am back on track, and doing really great. I am motivated, I am actually ENJOYING doing what I'm doing, and I am happy with the progress I've made.

So... GO ME!!!!

Dos and Don'ts of a Successful Fitness Plan

Avoiding Common Fitness Pitfalls
-- By Antigone Arthur, Health Writer

Starting a fitness program doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you are armed with the proper tools to get things rolling. Once you’ve committed to getting in shape, there are several things you can do to ensure you’ll exceed your short and long term fitness goals. There are also some things you should avoid at all costs to ensure you stay on the path to fitness and wellness. What exactly are the rules when it comes to fitness?


-Write down your fitness goals. You’re more likely to stick with a program once you have set some specific goals.
-Always strive to eat a well balanced diet that includes ample servings of vegetables and fruit.
-Break down your meals so you are eating several mini meals per day.
-Assess your current fitness level before starting an exercise program. By doing so, you’ll be able to establish goals that meet your specific fitness needs.
-Consider talking with your health care provider before embarking on a fitness program, particularly if you are struggling with a health condition such as diabetes or obesity.
-Supplement your diet with essential fatty acids. You can do this by eating two servings of fish per week.
-Choose alternatives to satisfy your cravings when possible. Consider frozen fruit over ice cream or opt for a mini chocolate instead of the whole candy bar.
-Always stretch before and after your exercise routine.
-Don’t overdo it! Try doing too much at once and you’ll burn out swiftly. Slowly increase the intensity of your workouts.
-Diversify your workout routine. If you do the same exercises day after day, you’ll quickly tire and are more likely to skip workouts.
-Work out with a friend. You’ll help motivate each other.
-Keep healthy snacks available at all times. You’re less likely to grab junk food if something good for you is readily available.


-Over-train. Your body needs time to recover in between workouts.
-Skip breakfast. Eating breakfast will jump start your metabolism and provide you with the energy you need to get through the day.
-Skip stretching.
-Skimp on sleep.
-Set unrealistic goals. A healthy rate of weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week. If you have 50 pounds to lose, don’t expect it to come off overnight, you’ll set yourself up for disappointment.
-Compare your successes and failures to others. Everyone is unique, and what works for some may not work for others.
-Work out randomly. Work out regularly to maximize the benefits you’ll reap from a consistent fitness routine.
-Give up. Consider talking with a friend in times of discouragement.
-Forget to reward yourself on occasion.

"One of the most common mistakes first-timers make is taking on too much at once. You’ll be too sore and too tired within a few short days to continue. Always start out slowly, ALWAYS." - D. Cavalone, Personal Trainer

Always remember to keep an open mind and remain flexible when starting a new exercise routine. At times you may find it necessary to change your routine slightly. Life is a dynamic ride and you’ll find your fitness journey is too. If you’re willing to try new things and set reasonable expectations, you’ll reap the rewards of your fitness program and successfully achieve your fitness goals.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I have not given up!!!

Hey all!

No I have not given up. It's thanksgiving here in Canada, and so we are spending the weekend celebrating with family. So far I've been really good and I'm proud of myself for not giving in to temptation! I am sure I busted my 1500 cal limit yesterday, but not by much. Tonight should be more of the same with that yummy turkey... But all in all, I'm keeping up the good work.

Will update my posts when I'm home again. It really isn't all that bad.

Happy thanksgiving to all!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Loosing weight vs firming up

I've measured my waist line today. 34 in (86cm). Not bad. I was then compelled to calculate my BMI (Body Mass Index). A healthy range for someone my height is between 18 and 25. I'm currently at 22.9. Again, not bad.

Really, at my weight, my BMI, my age... I'm doing pretty good as far as staying in a healthy weight range.

That made me realize that what I really want is not so much loose weight - I don't really care about the numbers on the scale. What I really want to do is firm up, tone up, get myself back into shape. I want some muscle tone and no dangling tricpes on my arms. I want my tennis legs back. I want my belly to look half way decent (with two pregnancy, one of which ended in a c-section, delivering a 10+ pound baby, my belly will never look like I'm 20 again).

Mainly, I want to feel energize and good about myself.

I'm never going to be perfect. None of us are! And I know that. That's not my goal. Really, all I want is to feel good.

Already, after 2 weeks of watching what I eat and doing daily exercise, I'm already feeling much better. I feel I've got more energy, I feel more confident in myself and how I look, even if external changes are not yet there to see.

Isn't it strange that exercise does that to me?

I find all of this highly encouraging, and it makes me want to keep on going.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Recipe: Veal Stew

I usually make this with either beef shanks, veal shanks, or any other stew-able piece of beef or veal. I sometimes add green beans at the end, too. Hearthy, yummy, and so comforting on a cold fall or winter day!

Portions: About 6-8 depending on cut of meat
Calories : 1750
Calories per 1 cup portion: approx 300


- 2 2in veal chop (600)
- 1 envelop of onion soup powder (150)
- 2 tbs butter (200)
- 3 branch of celery (30)
- 2 cups turnip (72)
- 4 cups potato (500)
- 2 cups carrots (110)
- 1/2 a big cabbage (88)


- Brown meat in butter, on all sides. Add onion soup powder, and about 6-7 cups of water, enough to cover the meat. Put in a 350F oven for at least 90 minutes, but 2 1/2 hours is preferable.

- Add vegetables about 45 minutes before serving.


Recipe: Home Made Strawberry Yogourt Smoothie

Modify this with your favorite yogourt flavours, favorite fruits, favorite fruit juice... Add protein powder, acai berry, whatever! Have fun with it!

Yield 1 portion
Calories: 205


- 1/2 cup orange juice (55cal)
- 1/2 cup frozen strawberries (50 cal)
- 1/2 cup frozen yogourt vanill flavoured (100 cal)

Mix all in a blender. ENJOY!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I'm sick. :( Sore throat, headache. Blah. No fun at all.

Why is it that when we feel bad or sick, it's the junk food that puts us in a good mood, or make us feel better? Does it have to do with endorphins and all that stuff? Or is it purely psychological, as in our minds tell our bodies that we are going against the rules and being bad, and disobeying the rules always feels good?

I just had a bowl of ice cream - well, 1/2 cup, one serving, damn that's tiny - and some blueberries. My throat, my head, me, all of it is feeling a bit better.

Hopefully tomorrow the germs will not affect me so much and I'll eat better.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Not bad!!!

A few things:

- Things are going pretty well. I think I've found a good way to eat my calories during a day - big breakfast, big lunch, light dinner. It works well for me. The only tough thing is that I sometimes have to make myself a dinner separate from what the rest of the family is eating. That can be tough, and annoying at times. But it's worth it!!!

- I've lost 5 pounds since I started! WOO HOO!!! Not bad. That is really encouraging!

- I am struggling a bit with exercise. Doing that one hour tape takes, well, an hour. And I feel that all I do in day is eat, exercise and shower. I found some 10 min instructional videos that are not bad, and let me easily take it to a higher level. Thanks to my AppleTV, I can watch the Youtube vids and do the exercise in my living room rather than in my tiny little office. :) I feel like 10 min is not enough, and I end up adding other exercises to the vids, which is good, but ends up taking more than an hour. I love doing the one hour tape exercise thing, I really do, it's great for my entire body!!! It just takes so much time. I know full well that taking care of myself requires I take the time for it. And I intend on doing it. I'm just struggling with how to organize my schedule right now. But I'll figure it out.

- I went shopping today, and didn't have time to have breakfast at home before I left. I came back after lunch, too. It can be sooooooooooooo tough to eat well when you are out and about. But I'm proud of myself! I had a breakfast sandwhich at Tim Horton's ( - 440 cal later, it was not just carbs and fat. I manage to get a bit of vegetable matter in there with the tomatoes and romaine lettuce. With a multigrain bagel, eggs and bacon for proteins (I remove the cheese so in fact the calorie count is probably lower), a green tea to complete, I think I did pretty good!!! I was very proud.

Then it got much tougher for lunch. I was on the run so I did not have time to stop and get a salad at a restaurant or something like that. So I stopped at my very favorite snack place - Yogen Fruz ( I LOVE LOVE LOVE that canadian company. Anyway, I got a fruit smoothie which I boosted by adding some protein powder to. It was YUMMY, low cal, low fat and relatively satisfying.

Of course that doesn't make for a very big lunch, so when I got home, I got a snack, and I think things are going pretty well for today.

I actually may do this more often. I have felt for the last few days that I eat a whole damn lot between breakfast and dinner. Granted about 3/4 of my daily calories go into those two meals. But I feel like I'm eating SO MUCH. I end up eating dinner late, probably too late, which is no better than snacking at night.

With how today went - big breakfast, light lunch, good size snack - I feel like my eating has been spread out better before dinner. I know I'll be hungry for dinner at a reasonable time, as oppose to late in the evening.

Anyway... Food for thoughts! ;)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Recipe: Leek and Potato soup

Another one of my absolute favorite fall soup!!! Use home made chicken stock, it's sooooooooooooo much better... I replaced the leeks with wild leeks once, and it was absolutely divine. Again, I don't use cream or milk, just a veggie puree. So good!

In the recipe below, I'll sometimes omit the onions all together and add more leeks.

Yields : 1125 ml (roughly 5 cups)
Total calories: 722
Calories per 1 cup serving: 145


1 medium organic red skin potato (about 1/2 pound)
1/2 medium organic onion, chopped fine
2 tablespoons unsalted butter
2 medium organic leeks (white and green parts), halved lengthwise, sliced thin crosswise, and washed well
3 cups organic chicken broth
1 cup chopped fresh f
Peel potato and dice fine. In a 3 1/2- to 4-quart saucepan cook onion in butter over moderately low heat, stirring, until onion is softened. Add potato and leeks and cook, stirring occasionally, 2 minutes. Stir in broth and parsley and simmer, uncovered, 15 minutes, or until potato is very tender.

If desired, in a blender purée soup in batches until very smooth (use caution when blending hot liquids), transferring to another saucepan. Stir in parsley, salt and pepper to taste and heat over moderate heat, stirring occasionally, until hot.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Recipe: Winter Squash Soup

This is one of my very favorite fall/winter soup. The original recipe calls for cream to be added after. But to be frank, I've never liked veggie purees with milk/cream. So I just leave it out. That way, I can taste the vegetables much better, and oh my GOD is this one yummy!!!!

Use organic products as much as you can - they are so much tastier!

Adapted from:


1/4 cup ( 1/2 stick) butter
1 large onion, finely chopped
4 large garlic cloves, chopped
3 14 1/2-ounce cans low-salt chicken broth
4 cups 1-inch pieces peeled butternut squash (about 1 1/2 pounds)
4 cups 1-inch pieces peeled acorn squash (about 1 1/2 pounds)
1 1/4 teaspoons minced fresh thyme
1 1/4 teaspoons minced fresh sage


For soup:
Melt butter in large pot over medium heat. Add onion and garlic and sauté until tender, about 10 minutes. Add broth, all squash and herbs; bring to boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer until squash is very tender, about 20 minutes.

Working in batches, puree soup in blender. Return soup to same pot. Season with salt and pepper. (Can be made 1 day ahead. Chill. Rewarm over medium heat before serving.)

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I hate being a woman sometimes. BLECH!!!! I get horrible cramps, want to eat chocolate all day (but didn't! I'm so proud!) and don't feel like moving around very much.


So yeah, I busted my exercise regiment yesterday. All I did was stretching. I feel terrible, but my body could not be bothered with doing more than that.

I'll be better at exercising in a day or two, once the worse of "this" has past.


Friday, September 25, 2009

My food choices

I love eating. I love food. Bouffe in french means food. Yes, it does.

I think my diet is usually healthy. Yes, of course, I do eat the occasional potato chips, or the odd chocolate bar, or some candies. Fries, burgers, hot dogs, onion rings... Of course I eat that stuff. I'm human. I have a HUGE sweet tooth. And I like junk food.

But I think generally, I eat healthy. The food I've been eating this week are very reflective of how I've been eating everyday of my life. I do eat lots of veggies and fruits. I love fish and chicken, although I do crave red meat once every week or so. I don't eat lots of processed food - I almost never buy premade cakes and cookies and all of that stuff. And while I like the stuff, I NEVER buy pop. I KNOW that's all I'd want to drink if it was in my house. So I just plain don't buy it. I buy ginger ale when one of us is sick, and that's it.

I have chosen to eat organic foods as much as possible. It has not always been that way in my life, but now that there are more and more GOOD organic foods available, I go for that as much as possible. If I want strawberries and there are no organic ones, or they don't look good, I just don't buy them. I'll buy the organic kiwis instead, or the organic pears. I buy organic dairy products, organic eggs, and I'd say half of the meat I buy is organic. Organic meat is SO expensive, but it's worth it... It taste so much better, for starter. If I can't find organic meat, I go for the stuff that has no antibiotics, free range, etc, as much as possible.

I do eat REAL sugar. DO NOT talk to me about aspartame, sucralose and all the other sugar replacement crap. IT'S POISON. And it taste awful. EEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I have come to reduce the amount of sugar I eat, so I feel comfortable eating real sugar when I want to. Maple syrup, honey are my fav. Brown and white sugar, too. I tried Stevia, but I can't say I love it.

I do eat REAL butter. I hate hate hate margarine. It use to be that I could justify eating butter because there was so much trans fat in the margarine. Now that that has changed, I cannot say anything else other than I prefer butter. Besides, we don't eat lots of it. At 4 in my family, a pound of butter lasts close to a month...

And I eat products that contain fat. Do not talk to me about buying fat free yogourt for example. They replace the fat with more sugar, gelatin, sucralose and other sugar replacements (often 2 or 3 of them at the same time). If there are lower fat options that don't contain more sugar or more crap than the regular stuff (olive oil mayo comes to mind), of course that's what I go for. But if my option is between full fat something and fat free something + added crap, I go for the full fat stuff and just don't eat as much of it. That being said, I can't say I buy a lot of stuff that contains huge amounts of fat to begin with. It's 2% milk here, 2% yogourt, olive oil mayo, lean meat (fish, pork, chicken are the regular meats in my house), etc...

Perhaps that is why I carry some extra weight, and have a hard time loosing it. But my goal here, my ULTIMATE GOAL here is to be HEALTHY, have healthy eating habits and give my kids those healthy habits. Loosing weight is the extra bonus...


Yesterday was a good day. I was able to do my bootcamp tape, and the time flew by! I only stopped it once to go get some water, as oppose to the 4 times when I first did it on Monday. WOO HOO! I also felt like it was bit easier, and that I was able to keep up much better. So yeah me!!!!

And today? I am not really sore! WOO HOO! I feel GREAT, actually.

I hope this continues!

I am wondering what I'll do for exercise today. A 5km power walk, or the bootcamp tape again? Decision, decision...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Aille aille aille...

Can chasing a 4 month old kitten who escaped outside be considered exercising? Can lifting two 11k (roughly 22 lbs each) boxes of cat litter, carrying them through the store, to the car, inside the house, down the stairs considered exercising? What about vacuuming? Believe me, with the curious 4 month old kitten we have, it's quite a challenge.

I love my cats to death, but the biggest con to having cats is definitely changing and cleaning the cat litter.

But back to this back in shape bootcamp business. My legs are still sore. Man they hurt. And you can ask anyone who knows me, I'm no wuss. If I say it hurts, it really fucking hurts. It's a bit better than it was yesterday, but I'm still sore like crazy. Which totally reinforces for me how badly I needed to take care of my body. How out of shape I really am in. If I am THAT sore after doing only an hour of video taped exercising, it was more than time for me to get back to doing regular exercise again.

I use to play ultimate frisbee once a week. I have been playing year round for 6 years. Last winter was the first season I had not played. And of course this spring and summer were totally crazy, so I did not play either. I miss it. I love doing exercise, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE playing sports. Before children, I played ice hockey for 7 years. God I loved it. I miss it like crazy. I had a chance to be part of team this fll, but the team was full, so no spot for me. I was disappointed, but it's all for the best. Seeing how sore I am today, 2 days after starting this bootcamp... I'm not sure how I would have handled playing ice hockey every week, at least not in the beginning. I do hope I'll be able to be an assistant coach for my youngest hockey team. That will mean being on the ice once a week for practice with them. I've been coaching his team the last two years. That was absolutely amazing.

This whole thing also made me realize - I'm old. Ok, 36, almost 37, is not old. But I'm OLDER than I was. My body's older. I realized I can't do what I've always done, which is go head first and full board with whatever I want to do. I need to take my time more with this exercising thing. My legs are paying dearly today for my over eagerness.

Today will be light exercises again. No I'm not already giving up. No I'm not throwing in the towel. I promise all of you 2 and a half readers (I'm the half) that I am really committed to this, and that tomorrow, I'll do that hour bootcamp tape again. But I need to let my body rest up a bit more today.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


My legs are KILLING me today. My quads are so sore, I can barely go up and down stairs. Nevertheless, I am happy I did that bootcamp exercise hour yesterday. I may be sore today, but I feel GOOD. Good that I'm finally kicking my own ass to do something for ME.

Doing the squats today will be killer. But I need to do some lighter exercise today to allow my body to recuperate from yesterday's bootcamp.

So far, so good. I made some mistakes yesterday as far as how I spaced my calories throughout the day, but I am adjusting as I go, so it's all good. So far, my body is adjusting well. Granted I am not cutting the number of calories I am ingesting very drastically, so it's not so bad. It really is the HABIT of snacking in the evening that is hard to curb. But I'll do it. I know I will!!!

“Where I am today, is where my mind put me, and where I’ll be tomorrow, is where my mind will put me.” -Billy Blanks

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hey ya'll!

Hi everyone. Welcome to the "back in shape" part of my blog. I don't expect anyone to read. I don't expect anyone to comment. This side blog is for me, to hold myself accountable for what I am setting out to do. Of course if you want to leave words of encouragement, go for it! :)

I currently weight 140lbs. Not bad you'll say. True, I'm not in horrible shape, nor am I obese, or in danger of any weight problem related illness. But at a mere 5ft3in, I'm on the heavier side of my healthy weight range. Before kids, I was around 120-125lbs. Far from being skinny, I've always had a little belly. I am not delusional enough to imagine one day going back to that weight. Although quite recently, I went down to 127lbs. WOO HOO me!!!! But that was 18 months ago. Since then, I let myself go. My eating habits are not great, and I'm not exercising.

I've always eaten healthy - lots of organic fruits and veggies, very little processed food. My bad eating habits are that I snack at night, and not always healthy stuff. So that's gotta go!

So. Here are my goals.

1 - not snack at night anymore, unless it is a piece of fruit, a glass of milk, or a piece of veggie.

2 - eat proper balanced meals, with a range of 1200-1500 calories a day.

3 - exercise daily

4 - loose 10 pounds

5 - fit comfortably in my size 8 jeans, without the muffin top.

So. There are my goals. I don't think they are unreasonable. I've done it before. I can do it again! Every day I will post a compte rendu of what I've done during the day. No more hiding!

I do have to come to term that I'll loose weight not in all the places I want. Right now, my boobs look AMAZING. Full, plump, just perfect. I Know I'll loose weight there - I always do - and that makes me a little sad. *LOL* Oh well, I guess I can't have big boobs and a tiny stomach! *LOL*

If you've got tips, words of encouragement, or related stories, feel free to share!

“Where I am today, is where my mind put me, and where I’ll be tomorrow, is where my mind will put me.” -Billy Blanks