Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Exercise of the day - Push-up

Ah yes, the good old push up. What a great exercise this is. You don't need any equipment, and can perform this exercise virtually anywhere you are. In the office, at home, outside, at a gym, at a friends, in a bar...  Anywhere!

This is a great exercise to work many muscles. It primarily targets the pectorals, but also works the deltoids (front of the shoulder) and the triceps (back of the arm). Keep your core tight, and it also help work out the abs, too.

There are many push up variations. Some are more difficult than others, but all are great in their own right! This is a great website that list 10, yes, 10 push up variations. That is without counting the fact that all of them can be performed from your knees, so really, that's 20...  The possibilities are endless!

How many push up variations can you successfully do?

Also - if you want to challenge yourself, why not try to do 100 push ups in one set? This website will help you achieve that goal. Try it!

Now on your hands and knees and gimme 20!

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